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(Pengendali : zacks )
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Dimasukkan oleh Tajuk Topik : TOYOTA AVANZA : Price 60K ++ Best tak kete ni

1 . Dihantar pada 22hb Sep 2004 3.17:06 ptg   [Edit]

Saya tengah mencari dan mengumpul maklumat tentang TOYOTA AVANZA yang akan dilancarkan pada pertengahan bulan depan. Sesiapa yang dah pernah test drive taua kerja kat Toyota/Perodoa yang ada maklumat tu kongsi-kongsi la kat sini

Gambar sila rujuk

Saya juga bercadang menjual kereta wira saya 1.5 GL(M) tahun 2000. Kalau tolak kat kedai berapa boleh dapat gamaknya...

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2 . Dihantar pada 23hb Sep 2004 2.03:22 ptg   [Edit]
betul ker 60k??? hari tu saya ada dapat email.... kata harganya dlm 52k.... tak tahu la mana yang betul... tapi cantik gak kan!!!

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3 . Dihantar pada 23hb Sep 2004 3.09:20 ptg   [Edit]
rega bawah 60k....around 50-55k aje...

mmg cun pun..macam nak sambar satu...tgk dulu nanti

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4 . Dihantar pada 23hb Sep 2004 4.24:20 ptg   [Edit]

Uisshhh kete tu memang lah cantik cuma takut under powered je...sebab sebelum ni bawak wira 1.5

Maklumat tentang harga ni memang saya perolehi sendiri dari kawan yang kerja kat Toyota. kalau kat Indon harga dalam 800ribu rupee, kalau kat Thai dlm 500ribu bath tapi sampai kat Malysia dah jadi 60K sebab masuk negara kita kena duty dsbnya...cuma tak berkenan sikit seat dia tu cam seat kete murah plak..

gambar toyota AVANZA
tapi rasnya good buy la sebab baca komen dari Indon dan Thai..

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5 . Dihantar pada 23hb Sep 2004 5.08:55 ptg   [Edit]
Saturday, September 18, 2004

UMW to launch Avanza soon
By K&N Kenanga Research
UMW Holdings Bhd will launch its latest Toyota Avanza model in October. The 6 seater 1.0 and 1.3 litre multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) will be launched at a very competitive price of below RM60,000, which is lower than the initial indicative price of close to RM70,000.

Toyota Avanza will be an Asean car with more than 40% of its content sourced from Asean countries. The car will be produced by Perodua (38%-owned by UMW) at its plant in Rawang for UMW. The model is targeted at younger drivers and we expect the Avanza to give the Perodua Kembara and Hyundai Atos a run for their money. We expect consumers to respond well to the new Avanza given its attractive pricing and Toyota’s strong branding.

We believe that UMW will be able to achieve its initial sales target of 2,000 units per month for the Avanza.

In view of the increased competition in the auto industry, UMW will step up its launches of new models. Apart from the Toyota Vios which was launched in 2003 and the Toyota Avanza soon, UMW will be launching a new sports utility vehicle (SUV) in mid-2005.

Again, the car will have more than 40% Asean content, mostly from Thailand, to maintain its cost competitiveness. Model and pricing details are not available at this juncture. The model will first be introduced in Thailand by end-2004. We believe that this will be another affordable vehicle to be priced below RM100,000.

With the introduction of the new SUV model in 2005, Toyota will have a complete range of vehicles in Malaysia, which includes passenger cars, SUVs and MPVs. This is a vast improvement from Toyota’s previous models that had included only the Toyota Camry and Corolla passenger cars.

Apart from the increased product range, UMW has also recently re-introduced completely built-up (CBU) Toyota models. The latest CBU project is the face-lifted Toyota RAV4. UMW expects to sell about 100 units of the RAV4 per month with at a price tag of between RM179,000-RM186,000. UMW also plans to bring in Toyota Wish and Previa models from Thailand and Japan respectively in 2005. Although the CBU business is not a volume game, we believe that it would boost UMW’s earnings over the longer-term, as the margins are higher.

Perodua sales has seen weakness since late-2003 due to the launch of more affordably priced models. Competition in the compact car segment is becoming increasingly keen from the Hyundai’s Atos and the newly launched 1.1 litre Picanto at RM46,000.

A major concern for Perodua is its ability to maintain competitiveness after Afta implementation given that it may have to pay full excise duties. Just like Proton, Perodua is now enjoying a 50% discount on the excise duty and the exemption is subject to yearly review. The government may choose to remove or reduce the exemption come 2005 in order to adhere to the Afta spirit. We estimate that Perodua’s car prices could increase by as much as 20% if it has to pay full excise duties.

If Perodua chooses to absorb the higher excise duty by lowering or maintaining selling prices, profit margins would suffer. Perodua’s export may not pick-up in near-term Perodua will be launching a new Asean model at an estimated price tag of RM40,000 in 2005. Indications for the new model are that it will be an in-between model for the existing Kancil and Kelisa.

Nevertheless, the model will have more safety features and utilise higher local content. The longer-term plan is to export this model to other Asean markets under the Daihatsu brand name.

While competition within the compact car segment is almost non-existent in the Asean market, we doubt Perodua would be able to enjoy huge success in its export market, at least not until 2008 when there is full Afta implementation, and all import duties of Asean cars fall to between zero and 5%.

UMW is expected to announce another two new oil and gas ventures soon. UMW explained that its venture into the oil and gas industry in China is driven by the increased oil & gas activities in China as well as cooperation from its Chinese partner, that is the national oil corporation of China. The size of the national oil corporation of China is said to be at 4x the size of Petroliam Nasional Bhd, the Malaysian national oil corporation.

UMW’s oil and gas venture focuses mainly on pipe coating and other pipe related works. We have yet to see positive contribution from this segment due to high start-up cost. This segment reported an operating loss of RM2.8mil for 1H FY04.

UMW’s longer-term plan is to have 10-15% of its profit coming from the oil and gas ventures. The diversification will also help to cushion any adverse trend in the local auto industry, due to the lack of clear indication on the future landscape of Malaysian auto sector.

The company's 1H04 revenue grew 19.4% y-y but pre-tax profit declined 21.2% y-y. The lower pre-tax profit was due to change in products mix to lower-priced models such as the Toyota Vios and Unser. 1H pretax profit was also affected by lower associate contribution from associate Perodua due to flat sales growth and decline in margins as a result of price discounts. UMW’s 1H pretax margin declined from 9.8% for FY03 to 6.5% for FY04 due to shift in product mix as well as increase in selling expenses as a result of intense competition.

Looking ahead, we expect UMW’s margins to continue to be under pressure due to increased expenses for the new models. The launches of lower priced models will be another dampener to the margins.

We also do not expect any margin improvement due to stabilisation of yen exchange rate, as UMW’s import of CKD parts from Toyota Japan was pegged in US dollars since 1.5 years ago. There will be other expenses to be incurred in FY04-05 such as shifting of UMW’s head office, acquisition of new machineries as well as expansion of showrooms.

Despite the resilient sales growth, we remain concerned over UMW’s declining margins and flat earnings. At an estimated P/E of 10.5x and P/NTA of 1.2x, we believe that the stock is fairly valued. We are hence maintaining our MARKET PERFORMER rating on the stock. The share price will continue to be supported by its estimated gross dividend yield of 4.9%, net cash of RM2.08/share and commendable ROE of 11.2%.

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6 . Dihantar pada 24hb Sep 2004 08.34:23 pagi   [Edit]

Minat jugak dgn kete nie....kalau boleh tau exact price dier lg bagus...boleh lah nak budget2....

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7 . Dihantar pada 24hb Sep 2004 11.32:53 pagi   [Edit]

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8 . Dihantar pada 25hb Sep 2004 10.56:57 pagi   [Edit]

Dapat nie dr. Motor Trader Forum:

there is a detailed write-up in bangkokpost on avanza, cut&paste here :
Proletariat with lofty ambitions

The country's best-selling brand has opened a new segment: ultra-compact seven-seat car. But is it justified when sitting above the Soluna in terms of price?

Good news for those down-to-earth motorists who lack a bit of passion for cars. Toyota is now offering a no-frills ultra-compact seven-seater for urban use: the Avanza.

Step inside the Avanza and there's full proof of the car's intention of attracting such a target of buyers. Firstly, the hollow roofline and seams are reminiscent of those in the Hilux pickup or a Corolla of the '80s.

The interior is proletarian and is almost devoid of any unnecessary functions. The air-conditioning system, for instance, comes with only three speeds, thermostat and a fresh/recirculate mode. That's it.

The driving position is almost fixed, bar the fore/aft adjustment for the seat. There is no height adjustment for the seat, steering wheel or seatbelt. Also, the left footwell of the transmission tunnel is quite intrusive.

At least, Toyota has made some effort in trying to brighten up the dour cabin. There are some metallic-look-alike rims on the panel dials, carbon-fibre plastics on the dash and a two-tone fabric upholstery. Leather is available in the S range-topper.

Can the Avanza seat seven adults in comfort? Yes, headroom isn't a problem due to the car's tall stance. Legroom is just enough, if slightly on the cramped side.

To increase passenger comfort, there's another air-conditioning system fitted on the roof that works sufficiently well.

The Avanza is more of an outright people-carrier rather than a MPV. The second and third row of seats can fold, but won't disappear (unless you unscrew them). At least, tucking them away and returning them to their original positions is easy and user-friendly.

Cargo space, on the other hand, is only useful when the rear bench is stowed. Otherwise, there is barely any room to put things when the backrest is up.

While the overall interior doesn't feel special, the exterior is just as uninspirational. The car's tall waistline and puny-looking wheels make the Avanza look like a commercial van, particularly when viewing it straight up front.

Again, Toyota has attempted to spice up the outside with foglamps that sometimes feel quite irrelevant for a budget car aimed at urban dwellers.

The Avanza is based on a semi-monocoque construction whereby the chassis-on-frame are stamped into one piece. The suspension components include struts up front and coils at the rear. The driving characteristics are only average on the move. The ride at low speed is okay, but slightly lumpy over bumps and road imperfections. The steering, on the other hand is reasonably direct and makes the Avanza agile in city-driving.

Since the Avanza uses a rear-wheel-drive format coupled with an engine that sits longitudinally, the turning radius is good at just 4.7 metres.

At higher speeds, the driving manners begin to falter. The steering becomes slightly vague in feel, particularly during cornering. Additionally, the brakes don't feel that powerful when trying to bring the car to a complete, convincing stop.

The power source is an 88hp 1.3-litre engine that comes with variable valve timing. With maximum shove of 120Nm coming at just 3,200Nm, the Avanza performs adequately in the city.

But out on the highway, the Avanza stumbles again. Grunt begins to lack at speeds over 100kph. Otherwise, the four-speed automatic must be engaged into kickdown _ and the engine is noisy at high revs.
The short gearings of the transmission also backfire at high speeds. Between 100-120kph, the engine loiters between 3,500-4,000rpm in top gear.

The same goes for the five-speed manual version and makes overall refinement lacking.

It appears that the Avanza's engine and transmission has been tailored for city driving to suit the car's concept.

Yes, it works well in its definition, but then you wonder why the engine is redlined at almost 7,000rpm.

But here is the most bitter part of the Avanza: the price.

The range-topper costs an astonishing 699,000 baht, in spite of all the plain equipment (a driver-side airbag and ABS are standard items here) and technologies.

The Avanza is imported from Indonesia under Asean Free Trade Area (Afta) benefits. It is made by Daihatsu which calls its version Xenia. Toyota holds a major stake in Daihatsu.

It appears quite strange why Toyota believes it can position the Avanza over the much more modern 1.5-litre Soluna sedan.

The Avanza may have seven seats, but does nothing better than the Soluna.

To sum it up, the Avanza is at best as a people-mover in the hands of restrained drivers for city-driving _ if you think that its high price is justifiable.
....The Avanza's tall appearance looks quirky, but pays off for interior headroom.
....The driving characteristics are only average and dull in Soluna's presence.
....Interior design is utterly bland; driving position has limited adjustments.
....The 88hp 1.3-litre engine yields adequate performance in city-driving, but not on the highway
....Space in the second and third row of seats is sufficient, if not great.
....Cargo space will only be usable if the bench is tucked away.
Price is 699 000 baht.

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9 . Dihantar pada 28hb Sep 2004 06.51:19 pagi   [Edit]

ade pro dan kontra pesal avanza ni..pertamanya engine.. its seems that engine ni samer ngan engine kembara vvti

plak tu..rpm laks tinggi bila cruising between 100-120 km/h
kalo naik ramai.. mungkin mengaum sket le.. sbb engine kecik.. body besO..

may be save dr segi fuel consumption..

ape pon kita tunggu dan lihat..

satu lagi dgn 88 bhp.. its much better than proton wira 1.5

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10 . Dihantar pada 28hb Sep 2004 1.49:03 tghari   [Edit]
entah ler, no komen...tapi kakak irnasz dapat invitation kad melalui pos minggu lepas untuk hari pelancaran kereta ni dekat kelab golf bukit kiara kalau tak silap...hehehehe, kalau tak silap le pasalnya irnasz ingat2 lupa ler kat mane...tapi for further detail boleh le pergi kat showroom yg terdekat...nak test drive pun boleh kan...

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11 . Dihantar pada 28hb Sep 2004 4.29:14 ptg   [Edit]

komen toyota unser lagi cute dr unser cause unser edition lama skit..okler...

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12 . Dihantar pada 30hb Sep 2004 09.01:38 pagi   [Edit]
tah la.. pada aku cam x best jer..
pada aku... pada korang x tau laa..

sbbnya.. aku nak citer sikit.. cuba ngkorang bayangkan enjin 1.3 - korang bayangkan Kembara.. body MPV - koang bayangkan Unser.. agak2 korang boleh ke? cukup ke power dia nak bawak body sebesar dan seberat tu? sdgkan Unser yg berenjin 1.8 (AUTO) tu pun x de pickup apatah lagi 1.3 AUTO.. dan experience aku lagi.. Kembara model lama banyak yang gearbox rosak sbb enjin dia kecik body berat nak mampus.. mmg enjin kecik minyak save.. tapi kena tengok body dia besar mana..

jd kesimpulan aku disini - mengapa diaorg buat mcm tu ialah supaya pembeli2 akan menghantar semula ke TOYOTA ataupun bengkel selepas 5 atau 7 atau 9 tahun untuk membeli gearbox!

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13 . Dihantar pada 30hb Sep 2004 3.02:52 ptg   [Edit]

Hyppo ni pantun dua kerat buat hang..

Pokok serai pokok tebu
Belum try belum tahu...

So far saya mengumpul segala maklumat dari Thailand dan juga Indonesia melalui website dan keratan berita tentang Toyota Avanza ni, dan kebanyakkannya memberikan feedback yang positive.(Nak beli kereta kena dapat maklumat yang tepat)

Menurut sahabat yang bekerja di Toyota tarikh pelancaran InsyaALLAH pada 15 Okt 2004 dan beliau dan pun test drive kedua-dua edition Auto dan Manual. Komen dia lebih baik dari Unser bcoz unser pakai enjin lama.

Tunggu....kalau takmo beli Avanza ni tak apa..pertengahan next year akan keluar satu lagi pencabarnya iaitu MPV dari Naza. Tapi in term of branded dan repo Toyota ada good reputation mcm Honda kan....

Aku mampu nak beli MPV besar tapi tak mampu nak menangung kos minyak yang makin meningkat. pakai wira ni pun 5 hari minyak RM50 itu pergi balik kerja aje....Mcm mana tuuu

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14 . Dihantar pada 01hb Okt 2004 08.22:56 pagi   [Edit]

lerr.. kan aku..itu kan pendapat aku..
rambut sama itam..hati lain2..

aku bersyukur dgn apa yg aku ada skrg.. CBU Matrix 1.6GLA.. lagipun watpe aku nak amik MPV besau2.. aku bukannya kawin lagi.. in fact, bapak aku amik Toyota Ipsum..pun CBU..RECON.. RM105K.. mmg dia mula2 nak amik AVANZA tapi dia tgk kecik sgt.. x sesuai cc dia dgn bodynya.. so pk punya pk dia amik la 2.0 IPSUM..

jadi pendek cerita, tepuk dada, tanya selera..

IP :


15 . Dihantar pada 01hb Okt 2004 09.05:01 pagi   [Edit]

hyppo....nak tanya sket...berapa harga u beli CBU Matrix 1.6GLA tue? Tgh survey keta nie....and mcm minat gak dgn matrix x tau harga on the road...

IP :


16 . Dihantar pada 03hb Okt 2004 5.18:28 ptg   [Edit]

skrg nie aku rasa CBU dah limited stok.. kalau ada pun diaorg tgh clear stock 2004 Jan / Jun..
sbb CKD dah murah.. RM70K dah boleh dapat dah..
specs lebih kurang jer.. cuma yg kureng ialah 1 airbag dan sound tutup pintu.. yg lain sumer sama.. masih lagi guna komponen import.. cuma 40% jer local.. next year terbalik.. 40% je IMPORT yg lain local parts assembel..
mas aku beli tahun 2003 punya model harga RM83K OTR.. tp skrg nie ada salesman yg brani bagi diskaun giler2 punya sbb nak clear stock dan takut AP mati.. apa kata ko tgk dia punya feedback di

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17 . Dihantar pada 04hb Okt 2004 12.25:39 tghari   [Edit]
Thanks hyppo...nanti akan ku lihat.........

IP :


18 . Dihantar pada 05hb Okt 2004 5.14:28 ptg   [Edit]
betul cakap nor_irnasz avanza akan launch pada 10 oct ne kat bukit kiara...dan harga bagi manual dlm 58 to 59 k on the road and auto 62-63k on the sape nak booking nak pakai sebelum raya booking lah sekarang atau boleh hubungi saya untuk keterangan lanjut 012-6520329 (zul)toyota RM1000 sahaje.

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19 . Dihantar pada 05hb Okt 2004 8.51:33 mlm   [Edit]

IP :


20 . Dihantar pada 05hb Okt 2004 8.51:33 mlm   [Edit]

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21 . Dihantar pada 05hb Okt 2004 8.55:44 mlm   [Edit]
oppps sorry..ter add 2x sbb computer aku hang...ok sape sape nak cari 2hand car boleh lah email

jangan marah..

IP :


22 . Dihantar pada 06hb Okt 2004 09.43:20 pagi   [Edit]

fatah aku baru aje called dealer Toyota kat faderal highway tu...dia kata booking list memang dah beribu sekarang ni....boleh ke dapat kereta sebelum raya kalau booking sekarang...

lagi gambar Toyota Avanza

IP :


23 . Dihantar pada 06hb Okt 2004 5.06:38 ptg   [Edit]
kalau nak dapat sebelum raya tak boleh nak janji tapi akan diusahakan...kalau nak no ne 012-6520329 (zul)toyota uncle....sbb saya pun booking kat dia.

IP :


24 . Dihantar pada 07hb Okt 2004 12.02:00 tghari   [Edit]

Saya dah terima dah price list Toyota Avanza dari UMW
(OTR) for manual RM55,967 and auto RM59,989.88

Lepas ni boleh le start mencongak untuk buat booking

IP :


25 . Dihantar pada 07hb Okt 2004 12.53:09 tghari   [Edit]
sapa sapa tolong paste gambo toyota avanza dlm ni...

IP :


26 . Dihantar pada 07hb Okt 2004 5.27:23 ptg   [Edit]

Menarik jugak kete ni...

* Mesej ini telah diedit oleh raytec pada 08hb Okt 2004 09.45:31 pagi

IP :


27 . Dihantar pada 07hb Okt 2004 6.00:48 ptg   [Edit]
..aku setuju ngan kata ko hypo...
dan mungkin model avanza 1.3 ni hanya nak test market....
..tu sebab abg ipar aku..(exacutive perodua) kata pertengahan tahun depan akan kuar versi 1.5...

..model 1.3 nih guna enjin kembara 1.3 dohc dvvt..
dan secara peribadi..aku tak pasti samada model nih akan dpt problem yg sama cam unser..

kat indonesia..avanza nih guna enjin 1.1 jer..

oh apammm...

IP :


28 . Dihantar pada 08hb Okt 2004 3.21:57 ptg   [Edit]
kalau nak tengok gambar ada banyak kat

Toyota Avanza ni pakai enjin VVT-i teknologi toyota yang sama enjin dengan Toyota Vios tu....4 silinder VVT-i 16V DOHC.kat Indon depa pakai 1.3 juga..saya ke Jakarta pada April yang lalu...masa tu baru sebulan launch kat Indon...berkesempatan juga tengok kereta tu masa kat Tmn Mini Asean jakarta...

IP :


29 . Dihantar pada 13hb Okt 2004 12.25:20 tghari   [Edit]
ada baca jugak pasal MPV avanza ni..murah ..
MPV ni keluaran perodua .
ciri keselamatam macamana?

IP :


30 . Dihantar pada 13hb Okt 2004 12.29:26 tghari   [Edit]
ello... you all ada tengok tak model unser baru... KIJANG..
cantik gak gua tengok... tapi x tau la brapa cc dia...

IP :

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